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Level up and learn to build wealth with these legal educational videos. Knowledge is truly power when applied.

We cover many topics ranging from:

  • How to Start a Business,

  • Entertainment Law,

  • Fashion Law,

  • Trusts and Estates,

  • and much more.

This site is full of jewels, so make sure you watch all of the videos.

Fall Magazine


This Quarterly Magazine delivers legal education and style. We discuss a variety of topics about the Law. In addition, we stay on top of Culture and discuss topics such as:

  • Music,

  • Art,

  • Fashion, and

  • Healthy Living

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Free Contracts

Contracts are a big part of understanding the law, and ever important transaction will involve a contract.

The law is supposed to empower the community, and we are here to help the empowering.

We will continue to add contracts and there are free contracts covering many topics such as:

  • Affidavit,

  • Living Trusts,

  • Credit Repair,

  • and much more.

Use them and spread the word.

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