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How would Google operate if it was a law firm? What are the emerging areas of law? Law firms and lawyers have to prepare for the future. The law firm is still viable and lawyers should understand the changing dynamics of the practice. Geremy Johnson, Esq., a lawyer in the U.S. discusses strategies for how law firms can and will survive in the 21st Century and maintain a competitive advantage.

This speech was given in London, England, United Kingdom in 2019.


The African Continental Free Trade Act (AfCFTA) will shape the entire African continent for the better. In this video, Geremy Johnson, Esq. discusses the pros and cons of AfCFTA and the legal implications of the Act. In addition, we discuss Legal Innovation such as Blockchain and Smart contracts as well as Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

This speech was given in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa in 2019.


Texworld USA

Fashion Designers looking for the best fabric and products must watch this video about what we found at Texworld USA. Trade shows are important for all designers. Watch this video where we discuss fashion laws, interview global suppliers, new fashion technology, and sustainability efforts.

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