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Home Buying with Real Estate Agent to Minimize Legal Issues

Real estate agents and realtors are essential to the home buying process. They assist you with more than just finding a home. They also connect you with other professionals that are central to the success of your transaction such as:

  • A lender,

  • A home inspector,

  • An appraiser, and

  • A contractor if you're going to be needing to make repairs.

Real estate agents and realtors can also assist you with the many steps that you will go through from writing an offer on the actual property to the closing. International investors and out-of-state clients can rely on agents to be their boots on the ground when they're wanting to invest here in the U.S. Many clients that are relocating have been assisted with purchasing property, even though they did not see their property until closing day.

Role of a Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney helps with necessary transactions and minimize risks to ensure you can actually get the property without any problems in the future. The first essential function that a real estate attorney performs is to get the legal title in order. What that means is they make sure that your title doesn't have any encumbrances. They help you get title insurance for your property so that no one can come back in a couple of years when you're enjoying your house, saying that this house was promised to me by my great aunt Susan, and they make sure that you're never going to have any liability claims with the property.

Real Estate Contract Review

The second important function of a real estate attorney involve thing that they do is they go over literally word for word, line by line, every single detail in the contract that you signed for both purchase of the property and your mortgage, which can be very essential because if you don't understand something about the way your mortgage works or you don't understand something about something that was overlooked by your agent or by you when you were reviewing your contract to purchase property, you could find yourself in some murky legal waters in the future. So they're very, very essential to your transaction and they're even willing to help you even after the transaction has already taken place. Real estate is a lot, but you know, it's very easy to learn. Like it's not something that, you know, Oh, you just have to have so much experience. And so probably so. Closing, like closing attorneys, their job is easy. Like I'm sure you have to like know all the ins and outs, but at the end of the day we come, they sit, they turn the page, you sign, they get their money and everybody goes.

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